Peppa Pig character
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Peppa Pig is a young 3-year-old who loves to jump in muddy puddles!

Friends:Peppa has many friends, including Emily Elephant, Candy Cat, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit and Zoe Zebra, but her best friend is Suzy Sheep.

Minor Friends: Peppa also has friends on the other side if the world! Delphine Donkey lives in France but she makes some cameos in episode by a picture Mummy Pig saved. Kyle Kangaroo lives in Australia and visit Peppa and her family once. Then, she met a nice goat with her family in Italy.

Voicing for Peppa Edit

For series one of the Peppa Pig series, she is voiced by Lily Snowden-Fine. For series two, Cecily Bloom voiced Peppa. And lastly, Harley Bird voiced Peppa for series 3 and series 4.

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